July 25, 2016

Man is arrested for 'putting gun in girlfriend's mouth and threatening to kill her as she breastfed their newborn'

A Florida man, 29-year-old Kevin A. Smith , allegedly pointed a gun at his 22-year-old girlfriend's head while she breastfed their newborn according to Police in St. Augustine. They say he was upset when he arrived at home and thought his 2-week-old was being fed milk from another woman. Smith tried to get the baby from his girlfriend, who tried to keep the infant from him, officials at the St. John County Sheriff's Office said. He held the woman down on the bed and pulled a black handgun gun on her, cops told the Palm Beach Post. Smith then pointed the gun at the woman's head — and put it between her teeth. He also took her cell phone so she couldn't call the police.

Smith was on top of his girlfriend, trying to roll her over to get the baby, when the victim's mother arrived. The woman heard screaming and went to check on what was happening.

When Smith went outside to his truck, the victim' s mother quickly took her and the baby outside to her own truck and called the police. Smith was arrested and charged with battery, child neglect and obstructing justice. 

Source: News 4 Jax

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