November 20, 2016

27-year old Man killed his 3-year-old stepson for crying and defecating then dumped his body by the roadside - Graphic Photo

A man murdered his three year old boy stepson, wrapped his body in a blanket and dumped the body by the side of the Sena - Ayuthaya road, Bangkok, Thailand, where a passersby found him being bitten by a water monitor (a large carnivorous lizard)

The man identified as a 27-year old factory worker named only as "Tong"said he did it because the boy would not stop crying and defecated and urinated. He had hit the boy with a clothes hanger until he was unconscious. Then he took the boy into a toilet and forced water from a hose down his nostrils until he was dead. 

All this happened while the boy's mother said she was cowering in fear in the bedroom. When the stepfather told her that her son was dead they wrapped him in a blanket and travelled some way from their house and dumped him by the side of the road.

A member of the public found the body on Thursday, November 17th,  being bitten by a water monitor amid a pile of clothes between kilometer markers 19 and 20 on the Sena - Ayuthaya Road. Police originally thought he may have died from natural causes but later discovered that the stepfather killed him.

During interrogation, Tong, who had met the boy's mother "Phee" - who had two children from a previous relationship told police that he couldn't stand the three year old's loud crying and lack of bowel control. So on Wednesday he attacked him with a clothes hanger until he was knocked out. Then he drowned him by forcing water down his nose in the toilet.

Many neighbors who had heard about the crime came out to shout obscenities at him as he was escorted by uniformed and plain clothes Sena police. Police are still investigating to determine whether to prosecute the mother.

Phee told the police that Tong often hit her son. On the day of the murder she had heard him beating her son and had cowered in the bedroom in fear not daring to intervene. She didn't believe that he would actually kill her son.

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