November 15, 2016

9 times Timaya was surprisingly hot and amazingly inspirational (Photos)

Remember when popular musician Timaya was always in the news for one negative reason or the other? Let me tell you now that those days are long gone.

At some point, Timaya was ‘hated’ by many Nigerians because his antics made them feel he was a musician with no regard for how he is perceived in the public. I mean, this is the musician that allegedly went into a church to beat up actress Empress Njamah!

This was one of the many controversies that surrounded the self-styled Egberi Papa 1 of Bayelsa’s career at some point. But these days, Timaya has cleaned up his act (and his dreadlocks) and he is focusing on what really matters the most, the music. This is probably why telecommunications giant Globacom decided to make him one of their ambassadors.

Apart from using his social media accounts (especially Instagram) to show off his very handsome looks, he also uses them to dish out various inspiring messages.

See some of them below:

Timaya 2

Timaya 3

Timaya 4

Timaya 7

Timaya 1

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