November 15, 2016

(GRAPHIC)Husband rushed to the hospital after accidentally strangling his penis with wedding ring

A husband was rushed to hospital by his mum after accidentally strangling his penis by putting his wedding ring on it 'for erotic reasons'.

The 28-year-old, who has not been identified was rushed to the casualty department of Van Velden Hospital, which is in a rural part of Limpopo Province,South Africa with his penis was severely swollen and blue.

According to the South African Medical Journal, he admitted that he had applied the ring 4 hours previously for erotic reasons, on then recommendation of friends. His wife had delivered 2 weeks ago by caesarean section.

He was immediately taken in for surgery where ,he reportedly had blood drained from his genitals and eventually had the ring removed with a surgical saw .

Fortunately, he experienced a full recovery after undergoing the procedure and being given antibiotics.He was discharged three days later.


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