True Life Story: I Faint and Bleed When Having Sex With My Husband

True Life Story: I Faint and Bleed When Having Sex With My Husband, the man is too hard for me...

Please Let's advise this Lady...

Please don't ask if this is real life let's just give advise as she's reading...

My husband is a trained Boxer because that's his profession. He is tall, huge and well built while I am tall too but on the slim and moderate side. We're both legally married and our Union is 2 years now.

The Challenge I have is that this man is too hard on me during Sexual intercourse that it seem like he is in another boxing contest even when making love. I don't know if in his mind he sees me as an opponent in the Boxing ring that must be conquered.

He could go for 45 minutes or one hour non-stop without even taking any drug. I have fainted countless times during intercourse with him and I end up bleeding and had to sit on alum in hot water to ease the pains and bleeding yet he'll not learn from these and be gentle with me next time.

When I saw that the cases of me fainting and bleeding during intercourse with him is becoming increasing I had to inform my family and his own family too but he got very angry that I did so and made a serious issue out of it so I stopped informing our families again.

He is easily hot tempered and not paying attention to my pains at all as it's getting worse by the day and this is what I have going through for 2 years now and haven't conceived any baby yet.

So I can't cope again as the Pains is too much and thinking of quitting or what should I do the man is too hard for me...

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