The fast rising gospel music star,Babatayo Ezekiel Olayimika stage named "Atabatubu Abere Orin" dropping a new gospel single track "Atabatubu Ni".it was gathered that some people rearly know the meaning and whom Atabatubu is. Atabatubu was the title of his first album released in 2004 which later became his stage name.He said,most time he wants to be introduced in various programes,people finds it streneous to pronounce the name 'ATABATUBU'Correctly. So he decided to break the name down and showcase the original owner of the Name(GOD) to the whole world via the new single track. Atabatubu is much deeper in meaning than the way it's pronounced.....commonly used in Yoruba land 'Atabatubu Olodumare' which means "In-exhaustible God".Atabatubu is God's attribute that tells how great God is. He further reveals that the name Atabatubu is God's that Olayimika Babs is just His ambassador on this planet. This track is to tell of His greatness, to praise and worship His let the whole world know that indeed' He's A T A B A T U B U In-exhaustible GOD.


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