September 24, 2015



An alleged email from soulful singer K. Michelle to actor Idris Elba seems to have made it’s way in a few bloggers inbox.

She allegedly asked Idris for closure in the email.

In the alleged email, K said she isn’t sure if she was in love with him, she is trying to move forward.

The email reportedly surfaced just a few days after she revealed on Instagram that part of her new album would be about Idris.

The alleged email, through Fameolous, reads:

Hey Denzel, Guess what?!? I don’t hate you any more. And I don’t want to destroy you or the penis that was inside of me. I made a vow to myself that I would never contact you again because I feel as if my friendship was taken for granted but I drank a bottle and honesty is what I am all about tonight. I miss your face in my hot pocket. I don’t want to further incriminate you and I know you probably don’t trust me but I don’t want to further incriminate you.

I don’t know if I was in love with you but I feel like you were sent to me to show me that I deserve better than basketball players. More than anytime I miss the encouragement of my friend. Yes, I wrote my album about you but that’s what I do but I have to write about the things that affect me because not many things affect me. I date, I screw, I conquer, I am over it. You inspired and made me to write songs. Sorry if my selfishness and convenience may have affected your family. I questioned myself a million times as to if I was doing the right thing but I felt you never questioned yourself as to if you were doing right by me. I guess I am the story of every angry black woman, but the difference is, I don’t want to see you destroyed and through every interview if you noticed, I never wanted to destroy you as a person and a man. This is not an attempt to get you back, but more to cleanse my soul. I know it’s going to take time for you to trust me again and for me to trust you, but I just want to get to a place of healing and move past this in a mature fashion. I am not expecting a response via email, however, I would like to say these things to you on the phone. My phone number is (310) 000-0000. Wishing you all the best and continued success.

And PS, you didn’t have to block me on Instagram like I did you.

Best, K. Michelle

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