September 29, 2015

Woman arrested for attempting to use Mrs Ruth Uche's twins for fraud

The Lagos state police command on Sunday September 27th arrested a woman simply identified as Victoria, for allegedly attempting to use the four-month old twins of Mrs Ruth Uche, whose husband fled after she gave birth to them, to defraud a retired police commissioner.

According to reports, Victoria who is a wife and mother of two is an acquaintance of the Uches and had asked that they "lend" her their twins so she could feature them in a movie. Unknown to the Uches, Victoria wanted to use their twins to extort money from the police chief who is the father of her ex lover.

Mrs Uche and Victoria arrived at the ex police chief's house at College Road Estate in Lagos. The man was so excited to see his "grandchildren" but when Victoria could not correctly state the sex of the babies, he became suspicious. Mrs Uche who also suspected foul play immediately owned up that they were her babies and provided facts regarding their age and when they were born
“I did not understand what was going on. I do not even know the place we went to. She has been pleading with us that she wanted to use the twins (youngest set) in a film. My husband initially denied but later since she said it was to act film; I begged my husband and he agreed on the condition that I go with the woman. So, around 11:30am on Sunday, we all left the house and came to Agege. She took us to one big man’s house, I do not know the place and she told me to sit down that it is she and the kids that will act the film. But when I sat down, I heard the man asking her whether my children are two boys and how old they are. She said two months and that they are boys but I told the man that they are a boy and a girl, and that they are four months old. The man asked whose children they were and I told him they are my children and that the woman said she wanted to act film with them. That was when the man started shouting and saying that she told him that my children are his grandchildren. That she has sent their picture before and that she told him his son impregnated her before travelling abroad. The man now said that we were in it together and that I knew about it. I told him I do not know anything that the only thing she told us was that she wanted to act film with my babies. Before she did not want to talk, but when people threatened her, she now told them that I am innocent. That she wanted to get money from the man. That woman is a criminal,” Mrs Uche said.
When interrogated, the suspect said she wanted to use the twins to get money from the retired officer for her children’s school fees.
“Please I am sorry, have mercy on me. I am a poor widow and I have two children. I begged their parents that I wanted to act film with the twins and the twins’ father told his wife to follow me. I wanted to use them to collect money from the man because I used to date his son after I lost my husband. Before he travelled abroad last year, I got pregnant for him but I aborted the baby. So, because I needed money, I decided to use the twins and show his father so that I can get money from him and pay my children’s school fees. I did not plan to sell them and I did not know that things will turn out this way,” she said.
Contacted, the command spokesman, Joseph Offor, a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), confirmed the woman’s arrest.


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