The Nigerian military has reacted to media report the Chibok girls are alive and have been impregnated by Boko Haram members..Read statement titled RE: CHIBOK GIRLS ALIVE; MANY IMPREGNATED BY BOKO HARAM TERRORISTS… ESCAPEE CHIBOK GIRL REVEALS
The attention of the Defence Headquarters (DHQ) has been drawn to the above caption published in the Saturday Vanguard of 10 October 2015 in which it claimed one of the Chibok girls who escaped from terrorists’ captivity was handed to the military post in Baga. The spurious report by the Vanguard is not only misleading but is once again another unconscionable outing as there is no iota of truth in its entirety, hence should be disregarded. 
In as much as the Nigerian military and other security agencies are working round the clock to secure the release of not only the Chibok girls but other innocent citizens who are held hostage by the terrorist, it will not give in to misleading reports which has no true source as we have repeatedly pledged to inform the Nigerian publics on the true situation on our ongoing operations.
The sensitive nature of this report notwithstanding, the moral justification for this false publication cannot be substantiated.
Like other well meaning Nigerians, friends of Nigeria and the international community who showed concern for the plight of the abducted girls, the Nigerian military also being a component of the society, is equally worried and is doing everything possible to address the current security challenges. The search for abducted Chibok school girls and the rescue of other Nigerian in hostage has never relapse as could be attested to in recent times where hundreds of women and children were rescued by the military through its coordinated operations. The military has and will continue to sustain the operation until the entire North East is cleared of all terrorists and miscreants.
The DHQ is not unmindful of the media’s good intention in this regards however, we wish to advise reporters and any other stakeholders to be good partners in ensuring their safe rescue and successful termination of terrorists campaign. We also urge journalist to be cautious of reporting such issues and by extension, security and defence related matters.
We wish to once again remind journalists to seek clarifications on any issue relating to military operations and other national sensitive matters before going to press.

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