One of the survivors from the recent stampede in Saudi Arabia, an indigene of Osun State, resident in Warri, Delta State revealed that paramedics ignored African pilgrims and concentrated on rescuing white and Caucasian victims which resulted in a high casualty rate among Africans. He said he was stuck in the midst of dead bodies for more than two hours and there was no help from paramedics, who favoured whites over blacks.

"I tried to escape but it was impossible as I was stuck in the midst of many dead bodies and some people were climbing over me to find an escape. I struggled to get myself up to the waist level. From my toe to my waistline, people were all over and I could not get up. I was calling the Saudi police and paramedics on the scene to help me but they didn’t respond and I was stuck there for more than two hours as they were busy helping whites, with no response to my plea,"

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