A group of backpackers has sparked fury after they stripped naked on a beach in Malaysia and posted the photos on social media. The pictures show the group of 13 tourists taking their clothes off on a beach in Semporna, Sabah state, Borneo.

Police in Malaysia received a complained after the photos were posted on Facebook on Tuesday.

Mailonline reports the group, who could face up to 90 days in jail, are understood to be from China. Police believe most of the tourists have already returned home. They have asked Interpol to help identify those in the pictures.....

District Officer Dr Chacho Bulah, who received a complaint from Semporna Local Tourism Operators Association, said their behaviour is not what a 'normal and sane human being would do
'.Such a shameless incident not only damages our reputation as a renowned tourist destination, but also spoils Sabah's image,' he added.'What more, their behaviour is totally unacceptable by the Semporna locals, most of whom are Muslims.'


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