They said they have traced all the money in foreign accounts
They said USA gave them a list of corrupt people
They said $20 billion was missing
They said Jonathan spent 52 billion for independence
They said 1 minister steals 1 million barrel daily

They said MOST of the looters have returned some money but not all
They said there was nothing like subsidy
They said they never promised 5k to unemployed youth.
They said our military lacked equipment to fight BH
They said the refineries were not working because of the subsidy greed
It is time to start saying the truth.
1. Jonathan did not spend 52 billion but 330 million in 5 years( PMB spent just 70 million in 6 month)......FG
2. No record of returned money.......Kemi Adeosun
3. U.S. embarrassed by the alleged hand over of list ..says it's not true.
4. APC and FG promises to start paying 5k from 2016.....
The list is endless, in just 6=7 months we have seen and heard more lies...
How long will this continue, let speak the truth that is the only change we need  "TRUTH"

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