I put a question mark there because after I heard the gist, I contacted Flavour's management and they denied it...but I'll sha share the story I heard from some sources. If it's true, sha remember you read it here first, if it turns out not to be true...I don't know you people o! :-)

So, according to the gist, Flavour is set to wed his first babymama Sandra Okagbue, in Onitsha tomorrow Dec. 28th. The wedding is so hush hush that many of his close friends aren't even aware of it.. According to the source, Flavour wants a very secret/coded introduction/traditional wedding to avoid drama with his other baby mama, former MBGN Anna Banner and her family who may or may not even know he's getting married.

Like I said, Flavour's people denied this when I reached out to them but it's understandable if they don't want the media to know. But by tomorrow, we will know. Fingers crossed. Flavour was out of the country for Christmas but is expected to return today and fly to Onitsha later today.

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