A’dam is a new player in the SPAGHETTI RECORDS team. With Mike Abdul, MoniQue and other elements of the organization, we can only expect the best of worship and Praise that will radically redefine our fellowship with God.

Aluko Oludamilola Adewale popularly known as A’DAM was born in Lagos. He is from Ilesha, Osun state, Nigeria.

A’dam is easily identified by his strong and soulful voice in many gospel songs and indigenous movie soundtracks. Having worked with the likes of Midnight Crew, Kenny K’ore, Mike Abdul and many more, he is particularly admired by many for his prolific songwriting.

A’dam believes he is a soldier of Christ and with music which to him is more than just an instrument of worship, he will take kingdoms for Jesus Christ.
In his early age, he drew his inspiration by sitting very close to the choir department in his church and that was as far as he could go because he was considered too young to join the choir. He continued to develop his talents by being part of musical groups in school, musical groups like “Abisco boyz”, “Psalmist Family” to mention a few.

His song “FACE TO FACE “ is his latest effort born out of a deep fellowship with the Holy Spirit. FACE TO FACE expresses the core of the writer’s desire to be able to give God true worship without distractions, veils, dogma and religion.

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