The shop worker whisked off to Las Vegas by world boxing champion Floyd Mayweather has a boyfriend who works as an AA man.
While Raemarni Ball is being ferried around in a Rolls-Royce with the world’s richest sportsman, Andre Brown is out in his rescue service van,the Mirror reveals..
But friends yesterday insisted the 19-year-old had spoken to his girlfriend and was happy with her having fun with Mayweather, who is worth £450million.

A pal said: “Andre knows about the trip, has spoken to her and is fine with it. She has reassured Andre they are simply out and about having fun.
”While Andre posted a snap on Facebook of himself and Raemarni driving together, captioned: “They must not know the sketch. You have my love and support.”
A source said: 
“Raemarni originally went to the US on her own but her sister joined her soon after. They’re having a great time. Raemarni has a boyfriend at home and he’s really supportive.”

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