A man played a fast one on his girlfriend by making her believe he was going to propose .In a footage seen Brad Holmes, told his girlfriend Jenny Davies,, how happy she makes him. He can then be seen taking out a small white jewellery box from his pocket in the footage which has been seen more than seven million times after he posted it on to his Facebook page. 

Jenny looks overcome with emotion as Brad goes down on one knee. But instead of asking her to marry him, he leaves her shocked by saying: 'Will you make me a cup of tea?'
She storms out of the room screaming: 'Are you f****** joking..'You horrible little ****.' 
He came under fire by many for playing such an expensive joke ,but later revealed she forgave him after a while and made the tea.He also said she believed it was a proposal because he already promised her he would propose this year.

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