Olayimika Babatayo also known as Atabatubu is one of the fast-rising TV presenters in the South West, who keeps improving on his game by the day. Apart from being a broadcaster, Babatayo is also a musician and songwriter who has five albums to his credit. In this interview with Olaide Sokoya, he speaks on his career, among other issues.

My journey into broadcasting
I have been in the music industry before I became a TV presenter. My career in broadcasting started a few years ago and I worked at the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) Ikanni Odua before I joined Orisun Television.

My life as a musician and broadcaster.
I have been able to handle the jobs very well. Sometimes, I ask myself how I manage to handle it without a clash of interest, and I have come to the conclusion that it has been God.  Apart from the live programmes that I handle from time to time, I also anchor recorded programmes, which gives me more time to attend to other things. To the glory of God, I have been managing my music and broadcasting career in a way that one doesn’t affect another.

I see nothing stopping me
I am this kind of person that does not take no for answer. I am always looking ahead, no matter what I face or go through at any stage in my life. Atabatubu is an artiste, a TV presenter and very soon, I will start acting in home movies, because I am also an actor. It is like someone who wants to study Medicine in the university but was given Microbiology; I think he is still on track. As an artiste, I want to use my God-given talent to impact on the society and reach out to people through broadcasting. Many people didn’t know I could sing until I joined Orisun TV. I have been able to showcase my music talent through my programme, Eto baba Eto.

Why people say broadcasters are promiscuous
I have heard people say that broadcasters are promiscuous, especially the men but I strongly believe that it all depends on how you manage yourself. It is not a hidden fact that as broadcasters, we are faced with a lot of temptations from women. I receive a lot of love text messages every day. But as much as they come in, I know how to keep them where they belong. Promiscuity among broadcasters is neither here nor there, because many people say what they can’t substantiate with facts. So, for me, I can only speak for myself and I know what I can do and what I would never do.

What stands me out from others
I am very real and lively. Olayimika Babs is never a pretender. What I do on air is what I am in real life. I talk and I play a lot to the extent that my wife will say she does not know what I would do that could upset her. My wife hardly believes me even when I am very serious with issues bothering me. For instance, a lady sent me her nude pictures and I told my wife about it, and the next she did was to burst into laughter.   So, my unseriousness has really helped me in the delivery of my programme,  Eto baba Eto.
How I came about the name Atabatubu
Atabatubu was the name of my first album in 2003. I was given that name in a dream, but I never knew it would become as famous like as it is today. In the dream, I saw the name Atabatubu written boldly on posters. Of course, I know that Atabatubu is one of the names of God, but I didn’t know the Yoruba meaning of the name until four years after I met a man in Ondo State, who told me Atabatubu is one of God’s names. He said the name emanated from the ocean, that you can never take water from the ocean and see the impact.

My growing up was fun
I will say that I had fun growing up. I was born and bred in Iwoye Ijesha, Osun State. I went to St. Thomas Primary School before I proceeded to Iwoye Ijesha Grammar School. When I got to Lagos, I went to OTEC music where I had the elementary part of my music career. I later went to Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education. When I graduated, I received God’s calling but I didn’t respond to His call.  Later, I went to three Bible schools- I went to Christ Apostolic Church Theological Seminary, Word of Bible Institutes and other International ones. I have always known that I would end on the pulpit, no matter what I am doing now; I will end up on the pulpit.

What I want to achieve with my songs
I have songs that rebuild and restore hope. There is none of my songs you can’t pray with. I have five albums, several singles and a number of collaborations.

We don’t have musicians but singers
Most of our young artistes want to become Sunny Ade and Bola Are in one day but they have failed to ask themselves if they can be as patient as these successful people they crave to be like. They want to become big, but they don’t ask questions on how to become successful through hard work and perseverance. Hard work is not enough; they should be mindful of the songs they put out. In today’s Nigeria, what we have are singers and not musicians. There is a difference between a singer and a musician. In my own case, I can play almost all the musical instruments conveniently unlike others.

What people don’t know about me
People don’t know I flirt a lot. I mean I flirt a lot with my wife. I am a very busy man, so any little time I have, I spend it with my wife.
My favourite perfume
I use various ones but I love DX77.

My relationship with Ola Edidi ife
I never knew we can become friends, because we were never close and we hardly see eye to eye. The first time we met, our meeting ended on a sad note, because I didn’t deliver her production in time.  Later, I invited her to my programme, Eto baba Eto and from there, we got talking and we became good friends.

My most prized possession
That is my wristwatch. I love wristwatches to a fault. I really don’t pay much attention to other things, but my wristwatches are very costly.

Why I prefer native wears
I feel very comfortable in natives. As a Yoruba presenter, I have to wear what I preach.

My greatest asset
My voice is my life. With my voice, I can be anything.

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