After the drama last week ,which saw her phones seized by new boyfriend,Seun Egbebe,Toyin Aimakhu has returned to social media .
If you recall,last week,Seun got jealous of some videos she posted on instagram in which she was crying and pleading with an Instagram comedian not to commit suicide,he felt she had a 'hidden relationship with him''.

He then drove to the location of her new movie, seized her phones and began posting his own pictures .He also took to his instagram page to reveal she is with his Range rove,lives with him and even called her a house wife.(Read here)
Upon her return,Toyin has deleted all his photos ...However, fans say she should go back to her ex-husband,Adeniyi Johnson .Remember she left him after he allegedly cheated on her.He even confessed she caught him flirting.

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