A US cargo plane has been grounded in Harare,Zimbabwe after horrified ground staff  noticed blood dripping from it. They have described how they discovered the body of a man 'suspended' in the cargo hold after it was forced to land in Zimbabwe. 

According to the Zimbabwe Herald,the crew of the Western Global Airlines charter flight, which began its journey in Germany, originally claimed the blood was the result of hitting a bird, one source said.But when airport staff looked closer, the body of a man was discovered - while millions of South African rand was found stuffed into suitcases.

The plane had been destined for Durban, South Africa, but had to make an unscheduled stop to refuel in Harare on Sunday at 9am local time.

Authorities in the Zimbabwean capital have now impounded the US-owned plane, which was carrying cargo for South African Reserve Bank, based in Pretoria, while police investigate the matter.
According to Zimbabwe's Herald, the captain had originally requested to stop in Mozambique, but was turned down - so turned to the neighboring country.

A source told the newspaper:
'Upon refueling, the airport attendant discovered that there was blood dripping from the plane.'When they checked to try and ascertain where the blood was coming from that is when they discovered a suspended dead body in the plane.'

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