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The ability to remain who you are in the world that will not stop trying to make you who you are not is a great achievement that should be applauded. Atabatubu should not be mentioned among musicians who sing to fill their pockets alone but amongst purposeful musicians who would take their time to compose and produce evergreen songs.

Olayimika babs (Atabatubu) who is Talent motivated added acting,radio and Tv presentation to His talent usage list in the years back and he has since proved to be above mediocrity ,this was measured by the attestations gathered from the fans of Eto Baba Eto on Orisun Television.

Barely six months after the release of ONE LOVE NIGERIA ,Atabatubu is out with another evergreen song featuring equally talented M4s that was featured last year.This new single is a reminder to Nigerians and the world at large that GOD is ABLE, the soul lifting single seems to be the kind of song we need in Nigeria at the moment as we keep hoping and waiting for change.

The sun has a sinking spell in the night but it rises all bright in the morning , Do not worry about feeling low ,do not worry.the sound and the inspiring lyrics of Atabatubu's new single could do the miracle. Download,enjoy,Reshare & be blessed!‎

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