The family of slain Alton Sterling, who was shot dead by a Baton Rouge, Louisiana cop in a parking lot early Tuesday have sympathized with the family of the killed Dallas Police officers during a Black Lives Matter protest in downtown Dallas last night.

Tanya Sterling, a cousin of the Baton Rouge victim, said she and the family had protested by praying for peace and an end to violence and understand what the family of the killed police officers are going through.
'We have called for justice for Alton and all the other innocent black men shot by the police,' she said. 'But we feel sorry for the officers and their families in Dallas because they will understand what we have been going through.'
The news came as it was revealed that Sterling’s teenage son Cameron, whose tears halted a press conference being given by his mom Wednesday, has suffered a breakdown and has been hospitalized following a heartbreaking conference organized by the family earlier.

'They were a very close father-and-son and my brother was very good to him. Only last week Cameron took his daddy to the movies for his birthday; they were always hanging out.' said Sherida, the sister to Alton Sterlin.
 'It has been very tough on Cameron. He saw the first video of his father dying and it hit him bad. He hasn’t seen the second video and he is in a bad way.'

Source: Dailymail UK

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