Barely 24 hours after Oniba of Iba, Oba Yushau Oseni regained freedom; the monarch yesterday, recounted his ordeal in the hands of his abductors saying he fainted during his abduction even as he said he was fed with bread and two sachet water for over two weeks.
Speaking to the crowd that thronged his palace following his return, the Oniba of Iba, said;

“On that fateful day of my abduction, I was about taking my bath when I heard a loud noise from the living room, when I went to check the cause of the noise that was how I was held and I was blindfolded and taken away through their speed boat, my wife was seriously injured and a security guard in the palace was shot dead. “
After leaving the palace, they dragged me on the ground to a waiting boat. This led to my sustaining injuries on my legs and other parts of my body. While on the journey, it got to a stage I could not bear it any more; I fainted. ‘
’Realizing this, my abductors fetched water from the river and pour it on me to revived me, when we got to the creek we passed the night somewhere, I was given water to bath and food to eat. “The following day which was a Sunday, we proceeded on another journey on the water and we finally arrived in another place in the creek where I was taken to makeshift building. The third day, they called my children on phone, but whenever they and my children did not reach agreement on the ransom they will vent their anger on me, threatening to kill me if my children did not bring the ransom quickly.”
 The monarch further disclosed that with God’s assistance his children were able to raise the first ransom and delivered it somewhere in Agbara area of Ogun State which later caused confusion within their camp as some of the leaders of the gang went away with the money leaving the foot soldiers out. ….
I couldn’t sleep all night Oseni said;
 “After the gang leader had gone with the first ransom, the junior ones came to me and said they had to renegotiate with my children or else they would lock me up in one of the rooms until my children paid the money. ‘’Before my children paid them the second tranche of the ransom, they came one night and chased me away from where I was sleeping. They collected the bed and tore the mosquito net I was sleeping under that fateful night. I could not sleep throughout due to the mosquito bites.”
 I was fed with bread, sachet water

The monarch narrated that on his arrival at the creek, he was always given Eba and Ogbono soup, but when the negotiation for ransom failed, they suddenly changed the food, since then they started feeding me with bread and two sachets of water.
 His words;
“But in fairness they did not maltreat me, but sometimes they threatened to kill me if my children refused to pay the ransom they demanded for. While they were taking me into the creek, they asked if I knew them and I denied knowing any of them. One of them said they were sent to kill me but they had a change of mind.”
“They asked me to cooperate, and I promised them, but I told them to treat me gently as their father, but angrily I told them that if not that I had undress and nothing was on my body they wouldn’t have taken me away easily like that, I even confronted them about the India hemp they were smoking near where I was kept.” “After I warned them to stop the India hemp they were smoking , one of them stood up to slap me, but I told him they were disturbing me, that the odour I inhaled increased my blood pressure. Infact, I almost died if not God who took me out of the kidnappers den safely.

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