A man in his 20s has allegedly been decapitated in a horror train accident after leaning out of a Gatwick Express window as another train sped past, it is understood.
The tragic victim is thought to have been on board a Gatwick Express train heading to London Victoria when he decided to look out of a window.But after leaning out his head smashed into a passing train at around 5.30pm this afternoon.
According to Daily Record , a female witness called Rhianna from Battersea told Wandsworth Radio:

"He lifted his head out and didn't notice the train was coming.
"The head flew off. I ran,It was disgusting. The train stopped and people were screaming, they were coming out.
"I just had to turn my head away. There were 15 people in the carriage.
 The witness claimed a woman was stood next to the man when he died. Several officers carried the man’s body, wrapped in a blanket, to the back of a private ambulance.

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