A teen has narrated how her baby niece ate most of her expensive £39 eyeshadow palette - which is designed to look like a chocolate bar on the outside . 
Eighteen-year-old Lauren Rincon, from California, told Mirror Online how she had left her expensive Too Faced palette on her bed before popping out for an hour.
When she got back she realised her one-year-old baby niece - who had been playing with her son's toys in her bedroom - had discovered the chocolate-themed make-up.
Lauren said:

 "I didn't think anything of it because my son is already three and knows not to get my make-up. He never has.

"Her mom caught her with it literally seconds before I came home. So when I came home I saw my mom standing there with my ruined palette and my niece standing there with it all over her!I was initially very upset I actually yelled at her and she started crying and ran to her mom.
 Then I felt bad and realised how funny it was and went to my sister's room to go take the picture, which is why she was laying on the bed because my sister was just about to change her clothes and clean her up."

Lauren contacted Too Faced to ask if there were any ingredients in the eyeshadow which would cause the baby any harm.
She also assured concerned Twitter users that she would take her niece to the doctor if she showed any bad reactions.
"Too Faced let me know there was not any harmful ingredients and she never got sick or got any tummy aches or anything like that."
Lauren posted the photos on Twitter where they were shared 50,000 times. 

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