According to a report by Radar Online, Rob Kardashian got his pregnant baby mama, Blac Chyna in check by dangling her reality TV career in the balance... 

From Radar Online make Kardashian money, you have to play by the Kardashian rules! Blac Chyna found that out the hard way.
"Rob laid the smack down on Blac!" an insider told Radar. During production for their show, the overweight only male Kardashian allegedly got a hold of Blac's phone and found proof that she had broken their trust.
Although sources told Radar the dustup was all made-for-TV drama, the insider said that now, "Rob insisted to Blac that, from now on, he must always have the password to her phone! In addition, Rob told her that she must hand over all over her passwords, including her email."
Even worse, "He also thinks that Kris should be in control of all of their finances from now on. But that's not a given yet. Blac Chyna obviously agreed to most of his terms," said source, adding, "she will do anything It takes to stay with Rob!"

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