Donald Trump's Vice presidential candidate, Mike Pence's campaign plane slid off the runway as it landed at New York's LaGuardia Airport on Thursday evening. Mike Pence who is also the governor of Indiana, was returning from a campaign event in Iowa when the incident occurred.

There were 37 people on the plane, including Pence, journalists and campaign staff, when it skidded off the runway at around 7.50pm during a heavy downpour, fortunately nobody was hurt. Emergency crews were on site but no injuries were reported.

Witnesses say the plane landed so hard that mud splashed up on the plane windshield, and the pilot slammed on his brakes so hard that the passengers could smell burning rubber.

The rough landing even tore up the tarmac along the LaGuardia runway which caused the Tarmac to be sealed off.

Everyone aboard the plane was evacuated through the back of the plane and were filmed speaking to emergency crews in the rain on the tarmac.

Pence ‏has since tweeted to let his supporters know he is safe.

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