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Illegal arrest of serving judges by the  DSS is a condemnable act.
The action  of the DSS is tantamount to impunity and a mockery rules of law,specialization of security agencies. A National embarrassment.

Serving judges are intellectual and learned men that understand what rules of law entails and ought to have been invited in the first instance if there is any need for the involvement of DSS which is doubtful.
Respect of the rules of law and Constitutionalism is sacrosanct and can not for any reason be ignored or sacrificed in order to fight any cause.
Position of the law is that any accused is presumed innocent until proven otherwise.
Apart from the fact that DSS function is to deal with any issue that threatens the SECURITY of the Country. DSS by its action had already declare the ,judges guilty which is against their rights to fair hearing and seems to have forgotten that the onus of proof lies on them, the DSS.

The usurpation of  power of EFCC by  DSS   is an illegalty and to us at  CCHR, no COGENT REASONS had even been given by DSS on this brazen act of  lawlessness displayed.. No individual or agency is above the law.
Without mincing words ,We at CCHR and our sister Organization , Campaign Against  Corruption and Bad Governance  (CACOBAG) are involved in the fight against corruption , the cankerworm that is threatening Nigeria survival and do concur that some elements in the judiciary stinks with putrid odour of corruption. Therefore the fight against corruption should not have any sacred cow. However, in fighting corruption ,we should not create impression of the country been a banana republic by disrespect to rules of law, morality  ,fundamental human rights and laid down legal procedures of  arrest by concerned security agents
DSS Claims of ostentatious style of living of the arrested judges and abuse of power and misconduct.
The question to ask is how does any of these claims of  DSS fall within the functions of specialized office DSS ? It was not on record that any of the judges was invited and refused to honour the invitation. Judges are  under National Judicial Council NJC which is  empowered to discipline any erring judges.This power the NJC utilized recently. Therefore  misconduct and  abuse of office are for NJC TO investigate and determine the stipulated punishment for such offence if found guilty.
The issue of high style of living and allegations of corruption are for  EFCC to investigate ,invite and or arrest and prosecute if need be .The EFCC act is very clear about this.. DSS has no power to usurp function of EFCC and or NJC.
DSS Can not just throw tantrums in the air and take laws into its hands.

We are therefore condemning the  act of DSS as barbaric ,unconstitutional and illegal that should not be condoned by Nigerians.
We are also aligning with Nigeria Bar Association NBA,  Judiciary staff of  Nigeria. JUSON and National Judicial Council in all lawful actions to be taken to check this brazen act and bring all officers involved to book.
There is no doubt the presidency should let Nigerians know if the illegality perpetrat mmed by   DSS does not have  the president Imprimatur.
Nigerians can not and will never support any action and inaction that encourage in lawlessness and unconstitutionalism..

Toyin  Raheem
Executive Secretary.

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