Just Days after he sacked three commissioners, Lagos governor contends with a desperate, frightened cabinet
The centre cannot hold again at the Lagos State House. All hell has broken loose. Certainty recedes, commissioners’ hearts grow forlorn and grim and distrust sprouts across the power corridors. Untold apprehension courses through the Lagos State House as you read. There is tension at the government secretariat in Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos. Ever since Governor Akinwumi Ambode sacked three
commissioners for undisclosed reasons, other members of his cabinet have been struck with terror and foreboding of what bad news may arrive at their doorsteps.
All the commissioners in Ambode’s cabinet are very scared that the governor may use his sledgehammer against them before the end of the year. Thus they have been running from pillar to post, meeting their godfathers and party chieftains, in frantic bid to save their jobs. Interestingly, however, like starved greyhounds jostling for mouthfuls of fetish sacrifices placed at communal crossroads, commissioners in Lagos are currently engaged in a mad quest to retain their positions.
So deep is their desperation that they have started seeking the intervention of their respective godfathers and also spiritual help from all manners of self-styled ‘prophets,’ in bid to keep their positions. But if each commissioner casts a spell on the governor in order to find favour in his eyes, would it not amount to too much pressure on the governor?

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