An obese, 165 kg woman married N@kkd – in front of 700 people – after her wedding dress order was cancelled while she was in a coma.

Doctors couldn’t say if Monique Penberthy, now 31, would survive, after she developed the flesh-eating bug necrotising fasciitis, so her big day was called off and she lost her dream wedding gown, an ivory coloured size 32.

she was in a coma for 31 days

But Monique, a dog trainer could not face looking for the perfect size 32 gown again, after taking two months to find the first one, before she fell sick.

So, she suggested to her groom-to-be, truck driver Rowan, aged 27, that they wed in the N.Ude instead.

He agreed and on 27 March this year at Confest, in Moulamein, New South Wales, they both married, wearing just a veil, necklace, top hat and bow tie, and their birthday suits.


She said Rowan looked handsome in just a bowtie and top hat.

“I’d survived death so what did my weight matter?” she said. “I wasn’t embarrassed.

“I was more concerned about my hair looking okay, as it had fallen out in clumps since my coma, leaving me self-conscious.

“After, everyone hugged and congratulated us. It was beautiful, a dream come true.”

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