It is a pity that the spokesman for the EFCC Mr Wilson Uwujaren is determind to try to mislead members of the public concerning the illegal detention of Chief Fani Kayode. He issued a statement today saying the arraignment of Chief Fani Kayode will take place on November the 10th and that it was to do with 17 count charges amounting to 4. 6billion naira.
The truth is that the 4. 6 billion naira arraignment took place last July at the Federal high court in Lagos. Chief Fani Kayode was granted bail by that court far back as July and the trial for the case commenced on the 21st of October.

The arraignment for November 10th has nothing to do with 4.6 billion naira or campaign funds and  rather it is the 5 count charge in respect to the allegation that he was given 26 million naira by the NSA office in 2014 for media work for the government. Chief Fani Kayode has denied that this happened and the arraignment has been slated for November the 10th

It is wrong for the EFCC to give the impression that the November10th matter which is in an Abuja Federal high court is the same which is in the federal high court in Lagos. We will recall that Chief Fani Kayode was detained by the EFCC for 73 days before his arraignment before a Federal high court in lagos in July.

Despite that long incarceration and despite that the court now freed him on bail, he was rearrested on the 21st from the court and they intend to keep him in detention until November10th even though he was granted bail by the federal high court.

This is barbaric and it is wrong.

They are also aware that he does not enjoy good health but they don't care.

The EFCC and the court had been given an undertaking through the lawyer that they will produce him in court on November the 10th for the arraignment but despite that,  they arrested him and are determined to keep him in until November the 10th even though he has court bail from the federal high court and is iIl.Their plan is to keep him in perpetual detention even after the next arraignment and even after he is granted bail by the second federal high court.

They intend to continue to do this just to keep him out of circulation and to silence him.

This is wickedness of the highest order and it is unlawful.

It is an abuse of power and such things should not happen in a Democracy where there is rule of law.

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