Halloween is in the air and the Ralphs family from Washington were carving up pumpkins for the occasion when Rachel, 16, decided to show everyone how big her pumpkin was by putting her head in it. She got stuck.
Her brothers try to help her free herself all to no avail, her father arrived and suggested they call the fire department but she resisted saying "No! That would be so horrible!"

Her mother, Kirsty Ralphs who shared the video online said she was able to free her daughter moments after the video ended by reaching in and releasing her ponytail. Rachel Ralphs said her intention had been to show her brother Jason, 14, how her pumpkin is larger than his -- a "winning streak" going back years.
"I wanted to prove to him that my winning streak was still in place," Rachel said "And then it got stuck, obviously." She said she doesn't mind the video going viral. "I think it's hilarious," the teenager said. "It's totally fine. I'm glad people think it's funny, too."

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