Tiwa Savage_Tunde and Wunmi Obe

Tunde and Wunmi Obe have kept their love and marriage going for over two decades. They are also musical partners – two halves of T.W.O.

Last night at her 3 Thrones concert in Lagos, Tiwa Savage asked the couple what the secret is to their long lasting love.

Tiwa: “So I wanna ask a very, very important question. How have you guys lasted so long? And this isn’t just for stage. Yesterday I saw them and they were holding and hugging. So I was like OK now, there’s no camera here now, it’s enough.

So I want them to tell us the real truth …”

Wunmi said, “communication, friendship, patience, tolerance”

Tunde responded, “the only third party you gets involved in your marriage is God”

Tiwa replied, “so no family, no friends, no press” and they ended it with a “Nah!”

HIP TV captured the moment – watch here!

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