Few days back, the video of a groom took over the internet as he was simulating S3@.x:’ with a female guest at his wedding. Over the weekend, the picture of a bride also simulating Sex:’ with her hubby in front of guests at their wedding party.

Chinese bride seen sucking husband’s manhood at their wedding.

Well, this is another wedding game. A newly-married bride was filmed simulating a Sex:’ act on her husband during a bizarre wedding game as cheering guests watched.

The half-Naked groom stands on top of a table with some kind of toy between his legs before his wife kneels down. She then moves towards her husband’s crotch and appears to put her mouth around the toy.

But suddenly fluid spurts out and lands on the floor as a shocked audience including a young boy looks on. The wife in her red wedding dress then goes in for another attempt sending cheers through the room as the creamy goo appears for a second time.

Watch full video below:

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