After wrapping up shooting for her upcoming movie ‘Alter Ego’, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde was met outside by a young man claiming she is his spiritual mother. The actor said this has happened to her before and posted videos of their conversation on her Instagram page.

Here’s a transcript of the exchange – see the videos below.

Omotola: ‘So who told you that I’m your mother?’

Young Man: It’s a man I was staying with in Niger state.

Omotola: He told you I’m the one that gave birth to you. That you should come to Lagos and look for Omotola?

Young Man: No he didn’t tell me … there’s something…

Omotola: Like a spiritual awakening … like a vision …

Young Man: Yeah

Young Man: It’s just like message. Something like a message. Spiritual message.

Omotola: Oh… Oh I see, ok. When you first started you said you wanted to apologize to me. You want to beg me. So what did you want to apologize to me for now?

If I’m your mother why are you apologizing to me?

Young Man: I thought you won’t understand.

Omotola: So spiritually I gave birth to you, but I didn’t give birth to you physically abi?

Are you OK? You know you’re not OK?

Young Man: (agrees)

Omotola: What’s your name?

Young Man: My name is Chinonso.

Omotola: So I left Yorubaland to go and give birth to you spiritually in Igboland?


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