Great-grandad Ron Sheppard insists he is  “the happiest guy on Earth” thanks to fiancée number nine arriving in Britain from her homeland the Philippines.

Eight times married Ron, 68, who greeted wife-to-be Cristel Marquez Lalec, 26 at Heathrow airport with flowers and a box of chocolates , said:

“Love conquers all, age is just a number.“People say I must be brave to have taken this on. Marrying a girl over 40 years younger is not brave. Having nine mother-in-laws – that’s bravery.”

According to Daily Mirror. the reunion at the airport was the first time they have been together since frail Ron struggled down on one knee and popped the question at Cristel’s family home in the Philippines 11 months ago.

But, as Britain’s most married man, Ron was already hitched when he proposed. And he still is.He is awaiting a court hearing in the New Year which will confirm his eighth marriage – to nurse Weng Platino, 36 – is over. 

Until then Ron, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease is looking forward to helping Cristel settle into life in rural England.

After being reunited at the airport on Wednesday, Ron gave Cristel a quick tour of Windsor Castle before taking her to the modest ground-floor flat they will share in the small town of Somerton in Somerset.

 He said
“Make no mistake about it, Cristel will be my forever wife.This one is real love. This is the last one – I promise.”
Cristel was at pains to scold anyone questioning her feelings for a sickly 68-year-old with eight previous wives.She said:
 “I know what it looks like but I am not here for a passport. I am not here to take advantage of Ron.”
Ron first met Cristel when he lived in Thailand with wife number seven Wan.Cristel was friends with Wan and the three of them would often socialise

With his first wife and mother of 3 children in 1966

Ron and Cristel lost contact after he and Wan broke up. Then last year, just as his marriage with wife number eight Weng was hitting the rocks, Ron and Cristel found each other on Facebook and romance quickly blossomed.

He also suffers from a form of dementia and says medics have told him he may only have three years left to live.

With his 7th wife who returned to Bangkok after 8 months 

With his 8th wife whom he is about to divorce.They married in 2004

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