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So, today I attended Dr. Chris Okafor’s church- Mountain of Miracle and Liberation Ministries also known as Liberation City. Remember the church that gave us some of the highest trending videos of 2015? That’s the church where a demon speaking through a girl claimed that they “Killed Michael Jackson” during the girl’s deliverance.
And shortly after, there was another video of the Man of God actually praying a dead baby back to life!Well, I finally went on a fact-finding mission.

First of all, the service that I attended was the grand finale of a popular annual program in the church known as “Not My Head Not My Blood”. It took place today, Sunday, October 30, 2016. I witnessed a real life deliverance session and at first I was 100% sure the woman was faking…then suddenly I wasn’t, after certain things started getting confirmed in real time and real life. Hmmm. Still looking into those. Then the prophecies…those I would say are his Trade Mark. They are so accurate and unbelievably on point…the man told one lady how she was set up to cheat on her boyfriend with another man and he mentioned the name of the hotel and the room number- Room 012! And the lady confirmed. I will never forget that.I was completely blown away. I wanted to have a chart with him and probably introduce myself as a journalist so I can ask him about the source of his power and all, but I had no luck. They said I wasn’t on appointment. I have requested for a date to see him. When I do, I’ll let all know what I found out.

Midway into the service, I was completely shocked when the man started talking about how the Lord had instructed him never to touch church money since the inception of the church (is that possible?) He told his congregation that because he has been faithful and stayed away from church money, and stayed focused on the work of God, that the Lord has promised to bless him with more Aircraft! Really? First alarm off my head was, does he have an aircraft? When did he buy? How did he buy? What kind? I met my secret contact who managed to secure for me exclusive pictures of the aircraft after so much begging. Apparently, a few privileged individuals in the church leadership knew about this, but the church members didn’t know a thing about it. So I’m the first to bring you these exclusive pictures with the pastor in his new luxury bird. That’s right, Prophet (Dr.) Chris Okafor a.k.a Talknado now has an aircraft and is in fact expecting more next year, 2017. According to my contact, the man of God has had nearly a hundred foreign mission trips in this year alone, for his ONE BILLION SOUL mandate (God told him to go round the whole world and win 1 billion souls for Him). Na waooo! 1 billion! Well, my contact cautiously hinted that some of his heavy-duty global partners made it possible. Hmmm…okay o. Church business on my mind.

Remember the gossip about his marriage break up? It was all true. But that’s not the point. The point is that after his marriage broke up he stood in front of the congregation and said that he would never get married until his children are all grown and out of the house, I was told! Really? Well, all that has now changed. As part of what the Lord promised him for 2017, the man of God hinted that the Lord is speaking to him about remarrying next year- 2017! My contact didn’t tell me this. I sat in the congregation when he said it on this day of our Lord, Sunday, October 30, 2016. As far as I’m concerned, this man has just told us that he’s remarrying in 2017. Period! I guess he has finally realized that there is a limit to how much his anointing can handle. Young, handsome, rich and full of anointing and you say you won’t marry until your children are all grown…oya do am now make I see! Anointing don shout for am. Let us be real jare! Anyway, stay tuned for more on this series. I will uncover every uncoverable. (Our new magazine “The Undercover” launch loading). The Undercover will unravel the Mysteries behind mysterious churches and institutions. Keep you posted.

Mr. Brown

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