Rapper, Eva Alordiah shared sexy beach photos while praising her dark skin.She wrote
The Darker my Skin gets, the Happier I become!
Is that weird?
Especially in this day when Lighter skinned girls are supposedly looked on as more attractive and whitening creams sell like hot cake because many darker skinned girls cannot live with the skin they were born in.
Where self esteem and self acceptance is concerned, SKIN is indeed a major issue with a lot of Women. 
If you have followed me for a while now, you know I dealt with master Acne for a long time. And a course of my treatments made my skin become quite brighter.

When I look back on me then and compare with me now, I find I am so much more attracted to my beautiful darker skin. And Makeup? Makeup looks so much better. I can work the highlighter to the highest of heavens and feel like a goddess.
Wait wait. Is this just me??? What do you Love about your dark skin my friends? 💙💙 #Melanin #Chocolate #Nigerian
#style - the woman after my wardrobe

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