Read a real life experience of a young man who was almost lured into unprotected s*x with an HIV patient. The story was shared on a popular Nigerian online forum:
“I had s*x with a lady that tried discouraging me from using a condom. Her excuse was that it injures her V@.g!na.

It would have been tempting because of how neat and beautiful she looked like, but I refused to give in. It may sound as though am heartless but I don’t play with my life when it comes to raw s*x.

I refuse to succumb to her no s*x game. fortunately for me later my friend who works in St Nicholas Hospital (HIV centre) told me that he say that particular girl came around for her anti-retroviral drugs.

Fear catch me, as I was left in shock and fear, I then thought hope the condom didn’t tear or something, reason I was forced to go for a test . Thank God am Negative”.

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