An Instagram user, Uruemurie Ewoma Frank has shared a testimony of how his sister who couldn't walk for four months was healed after their parents took her to church;

#GodDidIt #Testimony#RealGod
So here I was two days ago, talking about how my baby sis has literally lived in pain and depended on drugs. It's been tough but we never lost our faith.. Fast forward to today, this morning she was in pain. She was ready to give up the fight. It was that bad.. But Dad and Mum says "We are going to thank God today no matter what.. So they increased the dosage of the pain killer, put her on the wheelchair and rolled her to church.
AND GOD SHOWED UP... HA HA.. GOD SHOWED UP... GOD SHOWED UP.. people have said we were not praying enough, we should try all kinds but when Faith is in God, He moves.. The person who hasn't walked for four months, is running, jumping, dancing and walking.. God did it.. God does wonders.. He's a miracle worker.. I've been so excited, I cannot hold back.... Picture on the left taken on Friday Picture on the right taken this evening.... When the lord turned it... God is REAL. PRAYER WORKS.

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