She came to sit on me, raising her dress and guiding my d.!ck into her waiting hole.

I knew that third bottle of beer was a bad idea before I took a sip Read the Full Story Below...

I was hanging out with my guys, Shola and Mike, at Shola’s house. We were playing video games when Mike suggested that had a little fun and buy ourselves a few beers. It was easier for Mike. He lived only a few blocks from Shola and their parents were close so he could spend the night if he wanted to.

I resolved not to consume more than a bottle of beer but after the cool drink slid my mouth down my throat, I knew it would be difficult to say no to that second bottle. We all loved hanging out at Shola’s house. He lived with his mother who was not usually home until late at night. Lots of time, Mike and I would return from school (we were in SS2) and spend a few hours of freedom there before returning to our homes and under the ruling of our parents. Drinking was not something we did a lot. Mostly, we just played video games and watched sports.

I suddenly looked up to realise that it was almost 8pm. I knew there was no way I would return home in my tipsy state and not get in trouble. I called my father, coming up with a story about traffic and how I could not get a bus home. I told him I would be at Shola’s until the next day. He eventually agreed since it was Friday.

It was with relief that I took that third bottle of beer. We were all getting a little tipsy when Mike made another suggestion. He wanted to watch P@.rn. Shola immediately agreed and went to find the stack hidden underneath his mattress.

We were all enjoying a clip of a man F**.Cking the brains off a woman. I was so turned on by what I was watching, imagining how the guy felt shoving his up the lady’s Pu.$$y. We were two hours into watching the videos when Shola’s mother entered.

Shola got up hastily, trying to hide the videos and beer bottles but his mum pretended not to even notice. What I did notice was that, as she passed me, she looked at me, her eyes stopping near my groin.  I looked down to notice my erection poking out of my uniform shorts. I quickly adjusted myself but not until I saw a spark of interest in her eyes before she left. The other boys did not notice this. Mike was half asleep while Shola was still trying to clear up.

We took his mum’s return as our cue to go to bed. Shola entered his room, leaving Mike and me in the living room. Mike had basically passed out on the floor while I was slowly drifting to sleep.

I jerked awake a while later when I felt something on my legs. I looked up in shock to see Shola’s mum sitting on the edge of the couch with her hand on my leg. She was wearing a long, white, nightgown and I could clearly see the outline of her bre@.$ts because the fabric was so thin. I looked down to see Mike still asleep on the floor.

“What are you…” I started to ask her.

She brought a finger to her lips. “Shhh…”

My eyes widened when I saw her reach for the button and zipper of my short. She unfastened them and pulled it down, revealing my hardening d.!ck. Her tongue darted across her bottom lip as she looked at me. I gasped when she bent and covered the head of my d.!ck with her mouth. It was a wonderous feeling. One I had ever before experienced.

My legs were quivering as she worked my d.!ck with her mouth. My whole body began to shudder within minutes and I exploded, cumming in her mouth.

“That did not last very long. Are you a V!rg!n?” She asked me in a whispered.

“I’m sorry. I …” I was not sure what to say.

She smiled widely. “Wow! A V!rg!n. I like them that way. Come with me. We don’t want to wake your friend.” She said, gesturing towards Mike.

There was no way in the world I could have said no. My d.!ck was hardening in anticipation again as I followed her to what must be her bedroom. She asked me to lie on the bed then came to lie beside me.

She unbuttoned my shirt and I shrugged it off me. Her hand came to trail my chest down to my semi-erect d.!ck. She wrapped her hand around it, gently stroking up and down while running her thumb across the head. I moaned, it felt so good. She kept at it until my was thick and completely erect.

She came to sit on me, raising her dress and guiding my d.!ck into her waiting hole.

It was indescribable – the feeling of my d.!ck sliding through her tight wall. I groaned out loud, almost hollering with pleasure as she began to move against me. She watched me like a hawk then bent to place her lips on mine. Her tongue was inside my mouth as I kissed her back, my hands resting on her waist as she F**.Cked me.

She moved her hips around and around while also grinding against my pelvis. Her Pu.$$y clenched and unclenched around me, over and over again, exciting me and pushing me over the edge.

I moaned even louder as she sat back up, grabbing her bre@.$ts. I watched as she kneaded her bre@.$ts while teasing her N!.pplss. She grabbed my hands and brought them up to replace hers. I touched her bre@.$ts like she did earlier, taking her N!.pplss between my finger and thumb.

“Harder,” she said as she started to F**.Ck with even more gusto. She threw her head back and I felt proud to be pleasuring her. I gripped her hard N!.ppls even tighter and she started bucking on me, shuddering and clenching her whole body including her Pu.$$y. She cried out loudly as she did, then she finally let go, and relaxed.

I was so turned on watching her this way that my hips began moving upwards, needing desperately for her to return to F**.Cking me. She did. She began to gyrate up and down and around. I felt the familiar build up again as my climax was even more intense this time, being surrounded by the warmth of her Pu.$$y.

She got off me when I was done and laid beside me. I was simply dazed. The alcohol was starting to leave my system and I was now realising what had happened. I attempted to get up but she pushed me back down.

“We are not done here,” she said, bending down to cover my d.!ck with her mouth again.

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