After the US Election, Its still a shock to many all over the world Seeing Donald trump Winning the Election While Some Are Still protesting in United State Of America against the Victory of Donald Trump.

Some Christian Took to Social Media To pray for Donald Trump Calling Him the Savior.

 "This man is not an Anti Christ in fact he is a savior, I do not mean he is Jesus Christ mind you. It is the will of God for him to occupy that position. Can you imagine all what had happened, countless abortions of many innocent babies, babies who could have become heads of states, Doctors, Engineers. Innovators etc. People leaving righteousness for unrighteousness etc etc Many people do not even want to believe in God any more. This is the Redeemed time not anti Christ at all. This is the time of answer( back) to righteous path. Again God is giving us more time, chance, opportunity to repent and put things right because His coming back is very very very close. Hallelujah.
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