A girl who went missing after she was last seen getting into a mystery car outside her school five years ago ,has been found living under a new identity.

Rachel Natacha Owens vanished aged just 15 in 2011 but now, police say she disappeared “on her own will” and went to “great lengths to intentionally conceal her whereabouts”.

The North Carolina woman, now 21, gave herself a new name, dyed her hair and even used a false date of birth before she was discovered over 600 miles from where she was last seen.
She was reported missing after CCTV captured her getting into a car as she walked from her school bus outside Brunswick High School in Boiling Spring Lakes, NC.

StarNews Online reports that ,Owens had a history of running away but only for short lengths of time, 

Friends said they heard she fled south and investigators also found a short story she penned saying she dreamed of visiting the country.FBI Special Agent Rich Novelli told StarNews that he met with Owens' family after she was found last Friday, telling them they can now "move on with rebuilding their relationship".

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