A young woman is auctioning off a 'canvas' on her buttock so that a bidder can select a tattoo for it.

Bailey Price, from Wellington in New Zealand, has advertised the 9cm x 9cm space on her bum via the Trade Me website.
The 20-year-old, who works in a surf shop, says she's doing it to "get out of debt"

According to the Daily Record, her listing on the Trade Me website reads: '

"I'm a pretty wild girl so most people who know me wouldn't be surprised that I'm offering the winner of this auction to have anything tattooed on my butt.
"Obviously, tattoos are forever so who could say no to a life time of advertisement. I am also well known for mooning my butt in public, lol. (sic)
You may be waiting to bid on this auction for a vary (sic) of ideas: marriage proposal, business promotion, an artist wanting to share design or just because yolo. 10% of the winnings will go towards a charity of your choice."

 Bailey lists several conditions as part of her auction - that the tattoo is only allowed to be a maximum size of 9cm x 9cm, it's only allowed on one cheek (but they can choose either left or right).

If the winning bidder is in the Wellington region, then she is inviting them to come and watch the tattooing take place. 

And best of all? The winner gets a framed photo of the finished product.
So far, her bum canvas has attracted bids of thousands of New Zealand dollars, and at the time of writing it's currently selling for $2,550.

UK Mirror

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