Tokyo Toni has taken another swipe at Wendy Williams after featuring her on her talk show.She wrote
A lady gets in my Uber and plays this! Tell me this how do you talk so deep and hard about a person who isn't a celebrity Why pick me out? " The land in the wheelchair reminded me of Tokyo Toni pulling out a 12 ounce Pepsi and a 10 inch blade says Wendy Williams. Sorry I missed this episode because I would be in NY! " Oh I make the K girls look like Choir girls! Sorry none of Eric's kids Twerked!! I did and did a hella job B.ITCH! " How is it that I get the big screen full of bullshit! " Chynas Mom debut"! Bitch Oct 8 1970 was my debut B.ITCH get it right all the way right. You have such a fixation on me and I want to know why? You are a bully Wendy. You sitting around poppin that P body face in the wrong direction! One minute you wanna pull puppet strings the next " Defame me" Well you get a pass because if I allow you to damage my spirit with your evil shit you win! How many more episodes am I really in and what the for? You talk about me like I f.ucked your husband or something. It wasn't me bitch it was Susan!!! @wendyshow Have a blessed night! Signing off I got rest to get!

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