A desperate young boy has faked his own kidnapping in a bizarre bid to get his dad to spend more time with him.

Xiao Zheng is cared for by his single dad but in order to support the 13-year-old, he works away and leaves the boy with his grandparents.The father and son only get to see each other on a handful of days each year at their home in Shilin village in China.

So when Xiao Zheng found out his dad was due to leave for work again he devised a plan to force him to stay.

He hid behind an old house in his village, bound his hands and legs and then sent messages to his dad’s phone, claiming he had been abducted.
 He wrote: "Dad, help. I’ve been kidnapped and they won’t let me leave."

"Where are you? How much do they want?" the dad asks, and the boy tells him that he is being kept by someone in their hometown.

The panicking father replies:
"How much do they want? I’ll give them whatever they want," before contacting police to help.
To the child’s surprise, local authorities took the case very seriously and immediately began searching.

The cops became suspicious after they found the boy sitting by himself and playing on his mobile phone.

He was later taken back to the police station and after some questioning admitted that he had kidnapped himself and tied himself up using his teeth.

He said he simply missed his dad and wanted to find a way to make him stay.

The boy’s father was reunited with him at the police station and promised to find ways to spend more time with him, including looking for work closer to home.

Peoples online daily

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