Last week, OAP, Ifedayo Olarinde aka Freeze took to his Instagram page to publicly ask sports presenter to pay up the money she owes him. He wrote,
“Dear @kiibati, you have been ignoring my calls for over one month now. This is so wrong; I have never done this before in my life but you have left me with no other option…please pay me my money!”
 When Sunday Scoop(Punch) reached out to Freeze to know what actually transpired between them, he said,

“She contacted me to be a part of her Merrybet Celebrity Fans Challenge. We negotiated and I gave her the bill. She said she would pay before the event, but she never did. She begged me to help her, and I did. I actually cancelled another event to be there for her that day. However, from the moment the event was over, she stopped answering my calls and messages. The event held on December 3, 2016, and over one month and two weeks later, she has not deemed it fit to offer me any explanation. I have tried to reach her through a mutual friend, but she still did not respond.”
Refusing to disclose the amount involved, Freeze stated that other celebrities were involved in the deal, and he has plans to take the matter to court.

“Even after my post on social media, she has not reached out to me. Rather, she uploaded a picture of herself dancing. I see that as extremely disrespectful and I will still write series of posts about this beginning from next week. You owe someone money and you don’t even have the decency to call the person and explain,” he said further.
On if he would forgive the debt if Kibati apologises to him, he said,
 “I am a man of God and I preach forgiveness, so if she reaches out to me, I will forgive her and even attend her events again. However, as for letting go of the debt, the time for that has passed; I just need her to pay me my money. It will serve as a deterrent for further behavior like that. Our agreement was that she would pay part of the money before the event and pay the rest at the beginning of January. Anybody that wants to owe me money in future should not engage me. I have done business with brands that have owed me tens of millions for over a year and I never went public about them because we always have a payment plan.”
Meanwhile, several calls and text messages put through and sent to Kibati went unanswered as of the time of filing this report.

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