Newly inaugurated president of the United States of America Donald Trump has taken the oath of office and given a powerful and unconventional inaugural address as the country’s 45th leader.

We have compiled some top talking points from the speech which lasted about 20 minutes.

1. Donald Trump said there will be challenges and trials ahead for the United States but Americans will overcome

2. He said he is transferring power from politicians in Washington DC and giving it to the people

3. He said for too loeople and while they celebrated in the capital, there was little to celebrate all across the land

4. According to Trump, party doesn’t matter but whether the government is controlled by the people. He said: “This moment is your moment. It belongs to you.”

5. Trump says United States of America is for all Americans and January 20, 2017 (his inauguration day) will be remembered as the day the people took back the country from politicians

6. America will now reduce its help to other countries in the world. He said: “We took care of others at own expense…we built others military and made others rich at our own expense.”

7. America will pay more attention to its citizens and reduce loss of lives. Trump said:
American carnage stops right here, right now – no more loss of lives in America”

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