A young and drunk Ronda is something we all like to see.  However, I can’t imagine this star wants those pictures passed around of her any more than we want the drunk and young photos of us on Facebook.  PS.. she’s still gorgeous.


Ronda Rousey is a star female UFC champion. She's normally seen as a tough fighter, but recent pictures show her feminine side...


Ronda appears to be out and being adventurous in this picture.  It’s still a very flattering shot.  It shows offer her muscular legs and triceps that most men would die for.  Her makeup and hair isn’t photo ready but she is still stunning.


Before her days in the Octagon, Ronda still made faces before her matches and after her victories.  Inside the Octagon, she is known for her fierce and intimidating looks after a win or before a match.  Here she looks a little more playful..


Ronda can take a hit, but it’s not always a pretty picture.  I’m certain that Ronda wants to forget this moment, this whole fight and likely the days after it.  I can’t imagine what it like to constantly be reminded of something so hurtful.


When you’re bumming around town and someone is taking candids of you, it’s not likely you’ll look good, or even normal.  Personally, I like her in glasses and her brows are still on point.  Why do people try to get unattractive photos of people?


Does anyone have attractive yearbook pictures?  She looks young and beautiful in this photo.  Even though it isn’t that great, it reminds me of how well she aged.

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