A man has been arrested in Thailand for having unprotected sex with men and women while knowingly having HIV.

 Czech man Zdenek Pfeifer, 49, from northeast Bohemia, was picked up in the resort island of Phuket on charges of overstaying his visa, said deputy police spokesman Krisana Patanacharoen.

Police acted on a notice issued by Interpol on behalf of a Czech court seeking help in arresting Pfeifer, who faces charges of battery, sexual abuse, spreading disease and distributing pornography, Krisana said. The offenses carry a maximum sentence of 12 years.

He said Pfeifer had been living in Phuket on a tourist visa, which expired in 2015. He will be brought to court later Wednesday to be charged with overstaying his visa, which will allow him to be deported.

The Interpol notice alleges that Pfeifer was informed in 2013 that he suffered from AIDS, but that he went on to have unprotected intercourse with many men in the Czech Republic over the next two years before fleeing for Thailand.

"At least in one case he infected his sexual partner," read the notice. "One of the men was a minor and the wanted person paid him money for (sex) with him and recorded the intercourse" to make a pornographic video, it read.

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