An Italian model who promised to perform a sex act on 19.4million voters says she's "tired" after first the 400 - but vows to continue to at least ONE MILLION.

Glamorous Paola Saulino, 27, is still determined to prove she is a "woman of her word" after completing the first leg of her so called "Pompa Tour" to 'thank' everyone who voted 'No' in an Italian referendum .
 The word "Pompa” means pump in Italian – and is slang for the sex act she is offering the 'No' voters.

Paola made the bizarre pledge as she felt so strongly against constitutional reforms put forward by former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.“

When 59% of the electorate voted to reject the changes in November, most people expected the aspiring actress to backtrack.

But Paola - who is originally from from Napoli but lives in Los Angeles - swiftly announced the 10-date Pompa Tour after telling her fans:
“I am a woman of my word”“Those who say NO to the referendum will be waiting in delight for my ‘Pompa Tour’ in January for what I promised to those who voted no.”
4The first leg kicked off in Rome on January 7 and ended in Palermo on January 21.Paola has now announced a second leg - with 11 more dates - starting in Foggia this Wednesday.

And she now says:
“My goal is one million, I would love one million.”
The Daily Star spoke to Paola exclusively about the demands of repeatedly performing the sex act on strangers - when she admitted she experienced “stress” and “tiredness”.
Paola also revealed the acts are performed in a private room and that she "sometimes asks for a time out" to “clean my face for example”.

Paola told The Daily Star:
For every blow job I decide if the guy has to wear condom or not.If I don't want him to, that’s okay, I choose.““It's also up to me if I want to drink or spit away the white stuff.Nobody has complained so far.”

The model estimates to have pleasured more than 400 “No” voters across the country so far.

Daily Star 

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